Saturday, May 2, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

So, I was pleasantly surprised by the new X-Men movie. I can confidently say it may be my favorite movie of 2009 thus far. But there is one glaring problem that I have with it. Gambit was horrible!! I could have pulled off a more convincing Cajun. Every fifth sentence had a vague Cajun accent to it. Remy LeBeau's whole identity if predicated upon his Cajun heritage and I felt that was entirely missing. He's without a doubt my favorite X-Men and he was never in any of the other movies so I was incredibly excited to see him, but this gigantic letdown was all I have to show for it :( Oh well, maybe the next Origins movie can be about him and then hopefully they can get it right.

On an interesting, semi-related note the winning jockey in the Kentucky Derby today is from southern Louisiana. He's a short, petite balding 42-year old, but he would have been a more convincing Gambit than Taylor Kitsch.

After a little outside research I found out that there exists a version of Gambit that would justify all the things I just bitched about, but that's not the Gambit that I and I'm sure most people grew up with. Therefore I'm still a little upset by it. Now I'll quit complaining about a comic book character adapted into a film character.


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