Saturday, May 2, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

So, I was pleasantly surprised by the new X-Men movie. I can confidently say it may be my favorite movie of 2009 thus far. But there is one glaring problem that I have with it. Gambit was horrible!! I could have pulled off a more convincing Cajun. Every fifth sentence had a vague Cajun accent to it. Remy LeBeau's whole identity if predicated upon his Cajun heritage and I felt that was entirely missing. He's without a doubt my favorite X-Men and he was never in any of the other movies so I was incredibly excited to see him, but this gigantic letdown was all I have to show for it :( Oh well, maybe the next Origins movie can be about him and then hopefully they can get it right.

On an interesting, semi-related note the winning jockey in the Kentucky Derby today is from southern Louisiana. He's a short, petite balding 42-year old, but he would have been a more convincing Gambit than Taylor Kitsch.

After a little outside research I found out that there exists a version of Gambit that would justify all the things I just bitched about, but that's not the Gambit that I and I'm sure most people grew up with. Therefore I'm still a little upset by it. Now I'll quit complaining about a comic book character adapted into a film character.


First Blog

I guess I've accepted the fact that I spend too much time on my computer. Based upon this realization I've decided to start a blog because this ought to be a better use of my time online. So many jagged thoughts creep through my mind that writing them down might actually help me to keep track of the mess. A lot is going on in my life right now...some good, some bad...but overall I've been pretty darn happy as of late. Some people have me totally perplexed and frustrated, but I'm not worrying about it as much as the past couple of days. What's meant to happen will happen. And if some people are blind enough not to see something amazing right in front of their eyes I guess they don't deserve to have it.

Well that'll be all for my first blog. I have baseball to watch now :)